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For more than 50 years Tagliabue has been developing products at the highest level and with the most advanced technology.

Product ranges are divided in sanding machines for surfaces, edges and profiles.

These different units can be highly customized for various applications.

In addition to these product ranges, Tagliabue produces special machines for applications in the wood, plastic isolation and metal industry.


Surfaces sanding machines

Tagliabue® TAG EU Series
Modular machine construction for productive applications.

Tagliabue® EuroSander Series
Flexible calibrating and sanding systems in modern industrial designs.

Tagliabue® TAG Series - Sanding Machines
Standard sanding machines from 1300 to 3000mm working width.

Tagliabue® TAG Series - Calibrating Machines
Standard calibrating machines from 1300 to 3000mm working width.

Tagliabue® TAG L Series
Special top and bottom sanding solutions from 200 to 800mm working width.

Tagliabue® TAG F - TAG RK Series
Heavy duty calibrating and sanding machines with roller transport system.

Tagliabue® TT Series
Special solutions for high gloss finishing.


Brush-Sanding - Distress technology

Tagliabue® SP+R Series
Brush-sanding - Distress machines.


Edges and Profiles sanding technology

Tagliabue® ES Series
Multi-station edge sanding machines.

Tagliabue® PS Series
Profile sanding lines.

Tagliabue® PS Series for windows
Profile sanding lines for windows.


Edge Buffing and Polishing

Tagliabue® LB Series
Special solutions for edge buffing and polishing.